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90% of “mental health awareness” posts on tumblr are actually “depression and generalized anxiety disorder awareness” posts and actually do nothing to further awareness of mood disorders like bipolar / manic depressive disorder, personality disorders, and god fucking forbid any sort of awareness for anything with even psychotic features, let alone psychosis or delusional disorders

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The scene in the train station where a young boy smiles at Cyclops and he smiles back was unplanned. The boy was a huge X-Men fan, and Cyclops was his favorite. The scene originally called for Cyclops to look at the train schedule, but according to Bryan Singer the boy could not stop smiling at James Marsden. Finally, during one shot, Marsden just looked back at him and smiled, much to the boy’s delight. Bryan Singer liked the idea so much, he kept it in the film

can anyone confirm this? super cute if it’s true. 

i call fake because cyclops fans do not exist.

aw, you are so cute. You think your opinion is the only one. Gosh, it’s so adorable!

Oh wait…cute and adorable isn’t the word I was looking for….

looks like someone didnt get hugged as a child

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